The Best Time to Book Cheap Flights in 2024: Insider Tips for Savvy Travellers

The call of adventure is strong, especially for those with itchy feet and a yearning to explore new horizons. But wanderlust can quickly be dampened by the sometimes-daunting cost of flights. Fear not, intrepid travelers! The best time to book cheap flights in 2024 is within your grasp with a little planning, knowledge, and the following insider tips.

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Embrace Flexibility: The Key to Budget-Friendly Flights

The golden rule of securing cheap flights boils down to flexibility. While that dream trip to Bali during peak season might require some adjustment, consider exploring shoulder seasons (the periods between peak and off-season) or opting for destinations with a lower cost of living. Flight comparison tools like Skyscanner and Google Flights are your best friends in this quest. Play around with your travel dates by searching for a whole month instead of specific days. This flexibility can reveal hidden gems in terms of affordability, allowing you to snag some fantastic deals on flights in 2024.

Become a Weekday Booking Warrior

Airlines often adjust prices based on demand. The best time to book cheap flights in 2024 might surprise you: Tuesdays and Wednesdays tend to be the cheapest days to book domestic flights, while Wednesdays are generally the sweet spot for international flights. This is because airlines typically finalise their weekend deals on Mondays and Tuesdays, leading to price drops on those weekdays to fill remaining seats.

Befriend Incognito Mode: Your Secret Weapon

Airlines use cookies to track your browsing history and can sometimes inflate prices based on your previous searches. The best time to book cheap flights in 2024 might involve a little digital trickery. Use incognito mode or private browsing when searching for flights. This prevents websites from tracking your searches and potentially raising prices based on your perceived interest.

Clear Your Browsing History: Leaving No Traces

Similar to incognito mode, clearing your browsing history regularly can help you find the best deals on flights in 2024. Airlines (and other travel websites) sometimes use cookies to track your past searches and adjust prices accordingly. By clearing your browsing history, you ensure you're seeing the most up-to-date and unbiased prices.

Subscribe to Email Alerts: Be the First to Know About Deals

Many airlines and travel websites offer email alerts for flight deals to your chosen destinations. The best time to book cheap flights in 2024 might be just a notification away! Sign up for email alerts from airlines you prefer or reputable travel websites like Kayak or Momondo. This way, you'll be the first to know about special offers, flash sales, and last-minute deals on flights.

Consider Alternative Airports: Expand Your Horizons

Major airports in popular destinations often come with a hefty price tag attached to flights. The best time to book cheap flights in 2024 might involve a little extra legwork (or bus ride). Research smaller airports located outside the city centre. Sometimes, flying into a nearby airport and taking public transport to your final destination can save you a significant amount on your airfare.

Weekend Getaways? Think Outside the Box

Weekend getaways are a fantastic way to break the routine and explore new places. But sometimes, traditional weekend flights (Friday to Sunday) can be more expensive. Consider flying out on a Tuesday or Wednesday and returning on a Monday. This "anti-weekend" approach can reveal some surprising deals on flights in 2024, especially for domestic travel.

Red-Eye Flights: Not for the Faint of Heart, But Budget-Friendly

Red-eye flights, those departing late at night or in the early hours of the morning, are often significantly cheaper than flights during peak travel times. It might involve a little less sleep. However, if you're on a tight budget and willing to sacrifice some sleep, red-eye flights can be a great way to save money on your airfare. Just be sure to factor in the extra cost of transportation to and from the airport at unconventional hours.

Loyalty Programs: Reap the Rewards

Loyalty programs offered by airlines and travel websites can be a fantastic way to save money on flights in 2024, especially for frequent travellers. Signing up for these programs allows you to earn points or miles on your flights, which can be redeemed for future travel or other perks. Additionally, loyalty program members often receive exclusive deals and discounts on flights and other travel expenses.

The Power of Patience: Sometimes Waiting Pays Off

While there are sweet spots for booking flights, sometimes patience is key time to book cheap flights.


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